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The start of a New Year is bringing changes to Countrytrail Candles


My motto has always been: A Quality Candle at an Affordable Price!

Well, it is no longer affordable with the prices of soy wax and fragrance oils going up, many over 100%. Not only the prices of supplies being outrageous, half of the time the suppliers cannot get the supplies, or they no longer offer the fragrance oils I need. This has made online orders, shows and fundraisers tough to do.

Unfortunately, 2022 will be a day-to-day production plan.

I must downsize our candle line due to the availability of supplies. I will be restocking the ingredients to make candles when available and affordable.

Since I have limited candle supplies, I will be doing less shows this year and eliminating my fundraising program.

The Olde Factory in Hummelstown will be my go-to shop for locals to get candles and melts.

Online ordering will be limited, when I have supplies and able to ship, I will.


Shows I am attending so far this year:

*Central Dauphin Spring Craft Show on April 9th,2022

*Middletown’s 47th Annual Arts & Crafts Fair June 11th, 2022


I have no idea where things will go in 2022, but I am hoping the supply issues get better.

I am not closing, just downsizing.


Thanks for your understanding!





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Karen Zemitis

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