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Countrytrail Candles Burn of Love and Joy ~  Says Laura Gontchar from Celebrate Women Today....

The holiday season feels really early this year. And there’s no wonder why big stores are lining up their displays and stocking up on Christmas stuff, already!

For the past month, I had a chance to test a few candles from different companies. Many of those candles were jewelry candles. Some pieces of jewelry were really amazing. I love candles that bring excitement of anticipation for a nice ring or bracelet or pendant appearing slowly from the melted wax.

However, the smell, the aroma of the burned candle still remains a priority in how it will influence me in my future purchase.

Let me tell you. I discovered some amazing candle aromas with Countrytrail Soy Candles.

What is truly involved is your sense of smell. The aromas in each candle are memory-enabling catalysts that are made to “wow” with each and every candle and melt I experienced from Countrytrail.

Karen Zemitis is one of those women-entrepreneurs who once she’s made a decision, moves very fast to fulfill her goals. Karen is behind her hand-poured candles that she creates with the help of her precious family.

All the members of the family are coming up with new flavors and combinations that are implemented into thousands of Countrytrail soy candles.

The candle scent list is HUGE! The smells include not only the pleasant ones for relaxation and calmness, but also therapeutic candles. The ones that are great for colds and congestion: Sinus Soother and Snot Shot.

You can really see that Snot Shot was created with kids in mind!

I would like to point out to some other unusual aromas for Karen’s soy candles:

To read the full review, you can click on the link:


Hello Karen,

My name is Rachel and I recently purchased some of your candles through a fundraiser for a co worker's husband. I wanted to tell you that they smell AMAZING, and I love to burn them in my house! I bought 4 of them, 2 for my home and 2 to give as Christmas gifts. I got 2 Monkey Farts, which i LOVE the name, it made my two boys giggle when I told them the name, but we all love the smell! I also purchased a Sangria, and Victorian Spice. I love the way the Sangria smells when i burn it, and the Victorian Spice is a gift for my mom for Christmas. I plan on purchasing more in the future! You have a wonderful product, its great quality and even better its a local business that I really feel great supporting!! Continue to keep up the great quality work!!

Thank you!

Rachel from Lebanon, Pa 12-4-2011


Hi my name is Stephanie, I tried your candles because a friend recommended  them and I think they are amazing! I feel better about burning them because  they are soy and the scents are wonderful! Every time I burn them they smell  just as good as the first time. I have had other candles where after you burn  them the first time, the scent just isn't as good but these are really great!

 The scents are just so amazing and smell so great!  Thanks again so much! I  will never go back to using other candles now that I have founds yours! 

I love them and thanks for making them! :)

Stephanie ~ Harrisburg PA 12-28-10


Review for Smodor Eliminator

The Candle:   It helped the smoke smell. It didn't "mask" it. It actually helped maybe neutralize it.It's burning VERY clean, no soot, no black stuff, and clean burn all the way to the sides of the jar. Melt pool is fantastic, again... all the way to the sides of the jar, it doesn't take long to get a good melt pool either. On the first burn, I guess I let it burn for about three-four hours. I did have to blow it out because the flame got pretty high, so I blew it out, trimmed it, and re-lit it.
After that first burn and the big flame, that was about more big flame unless I do a marathon burn (more than four-five hours).

The Melts:   Ok, I have tried the tarts (twice already). First time, I put two cubes in the warmer. Two cubes were too strong for me. I smell more of the spice in the tarts when warmed. So I turned that warmer off, and put my other warmer on, and added only one cube instead of two. One cube is so much better for me to tolerate. It got rid of the smell in the kitchen and living room, I had cooked some rice and gravy with some smothered cubed sirlon steak (I hate cooking smells in a house... it's so ugh).

Room Spray:    Holy cow, the air freshener really does work. It helps to get rid of the stale smoke smell. When I do smoke at the kitchen window at night (it's only one or two cigs, not more than that), I do still smell a slight stale cigarette smoke in the morning. I only have to do two squirts and it's good to go. At first, it is spicy, but after a few minutes, the spice settles down and I smell a more citrus bubble gum and a tad bit of spice.

Also, it got rid of the teryaki smell in my kitchen last night. I made Chinese teryaki chicken drummettes last night in the oven...I squirted two squirts in the living room, and one squirt in the kitchen. Helped the smell right away, and after a couple hours, you couldn't smell the teryaki smell hardly at all!
So yeah girly, it works! Tell your customers it works!

Thank you for letting me be your tester. I will probably no doubt order these in the future!
Have a wonderful day Karen!

Donna ~ Louisiana 9-13-10

While vacationing in Hummesltown, we went shopping at the Olde Factory and found your candles and instanly loved them. 
We've already told my family and friends how great your candles are, and thank you for making such a wonderful product.

Kourtney ~ Oshkosh, Wisconson 8/16/2010

Hi Karen,
 I can't begin to tell you how much I love the mango madness room and car 
No more buying those car fresheners that hang on the mirror.  
The  scent is just wonderful - not too strong, but one or two sprays will last a 
 few days.  
I'm looking forward to buying more of those in other scents.  
I'm  especially interested in trying "amish bread".  Thanks again for recommending  it!

 Jenni ~ Harrisburg, PA  11/09

I wanted to tell you that we burned one of the candles this weekend.  
It  was Sleigh Ride.  Holy cow!!  I couldn't believe how good it s

We burned it downstairs, but after an hour or 2, you could
 smell it all over the house - upstairs and downstairs. 

 I am thrilled with how nice those candles are.  

And you're right - they really do burn  evenly.  And no smoke!  

  I LOVE your  candles!  That was the best $$$
I ever spent, because I'm sure everybody else will love them too.  

Janelle from Summerdale, PA   11/09

I got a few of your candles at a show and loved them.
We have recently moved to Oregon & I can't find any candles that compare with yours.

Hope ~ Oregan 11/09

Hey Karen-

I LOVE the Amish Bread. Anyone who likes the scent of fresh baked
bread will love this new scent. It gives off a nice aroma of bread and slight
smell of nuts and it definately adds a warm cozy feel to my home.

I love the Holiday Spirit- The aroma has put me in the holiday mood. 
  I am burning it in my powder room just off the kitchen and I am burning the Amish Bread in the kitchen and the two aroma's combine so nicely,
they make my entire home smell warm and cozy.

 I will be ordering that both of these through out the holiday season for sure!!!  

Your Friend,
Denise   10/09 


I used to be an OTR driver and bought one of your lilac candles on one of my trips to PA.

It's so strong, it makes my entire house smell so nice.

I love it!

Launi ~ Montana 4/09

Hey Karen-

I have had a chance to try Dylan's Caramel Pie and I love it, it has a wonderful caramel smell with
a hint of fresh baked pastry- I don't know how you do it!!!  

 I was worried it might have a butterscotchy smell, some caramel does, but it
does not have an over powering smell of butterscotch, just a hint which
I really like that about it too.  It honestly smells like a fresh baked
pie and I will be ordering it for sure!!  

Thanks again for letting me sample it, I have a friend meeting me at my house today that loves your
granny's pie crust, so I left the melter on with Dylan's caramel pie in
it so when we meet there at lunch she can tell me what she thinks too.

The scent throw is terrific and my mother in law commented she could
smell my candles before she came in the house and that was with the
doors and windows shut, she was impressed!!  I thank you for that too!!!

Denise H - Harrisburg, PA  3/21/09

Nadine ~ A Middle School Teacher says....

Hi !

     I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE the hot chocolate air freshener!!  It works great!  I sprayed it once at the doorway, once in front and once in back about 8:15 yesterday and we could smell it the whole day!  Just one spray works and lasts long.  It also carries out into the hallway.  The sutdents look forward to entering to see if my room smells good!  This is definitely a great product!   4/2009

Greetings Karen,
  I just wanted to extend my appreciation to you and what you do so well!  

My mom has been ordering your soy scents for a few years now and has been sharing
 her treasures with me here and there. 
   We are a HUGE  HUGE fan of your country camp fire. WOW, you truly captured that scent!
 Brings me back to camping with mom in New Hampshire. Love to burn it in the
 summer. I have finally decided to order my own little stock of goodies for  myself! :)

Wish I was able to "scratch-n-sniff" the screen to smell them all! ha ha. 
 I ordered monkey farts, ocean mist, and naughty nymph.  Right now I
 have sage mint melting in my home and I love it!!  As you can tell, I'm big on  scents in the home. :)~ 

Yankee candle is over rated and way to expensive!!!!

Take care and thanks again for  your talents!
 Be well,
Leominster Ma,   2-23-09


Your candles are great for me because we live an organic lifestyle
and I only will use soy candles...yours are the fist that I have found that are
not only reasonably priced but burn well and smell great...we do not use any air
fresheners, etc...I rely on the candles...

Thanks for sending my what you do have in the pear scent...I have one myself but
also gave my daughter's teacher the warmer and tarts in that flavor and she was
crazy about it too...

Mary B

Lincoln University,  PA   1-13-09


Hi Karen-

It's time for the wonderful fall smells!!!
Enjoyed the Summer Romance fragrance, will be getting that one again, but for now bring on those wonderful food smells!!!
I am always telling people about your candles and sending them to your website.

Thanks for making the best candles!!
Denise C ~ Harrisburg, PA  9-08

 I can not Thank you enough.  Counrtytrail Candles is the Best!!! 
I  appreciate you shipping the wedding favors so quickly.  I can not wait until
 everyone gets a little sniff of Heaven.  LOL.  I received my shipment
 yesterday and everything arrived safe.  My mom and I had fun opening each of
 the three different scents and the jars are perfect.  Thank you so much!!!!
 Media, PA  4/08

I received my candles today much to my delightful surprise.  Thank you for
the samples; that really helps.  I appreciate the Wick Dipper, looking
forward to using it.

I am very pleased with the service and the candles; you've had customers (my
girlfriend and I) since June and will continue to .  We went back to Hershey
just to eat at the Cross Roads Café and buy more candles.  I didn't realize
until I saw your web page how many fragrances you had.  I will keep checking
them out one by one.  
Have a very blessed Christmas Karen and thanks for your timeliness.

Darlene ~ Maryland ~ 12/07


I recently visited one of my favorite shopping spots in Hummelstown and discovered your candles.
 Many great..and fun scents...but the one I loved most and purchased was Coffee Cafe!
It is HEAVENLY! Smells just like delicious coffee!
 My only regret is I only bought one!  I will  be back to pick up another one.
Thanks for being so creative! 
 Jeanne of Dallastown, PA  10/07

     Hello.  I received the candles and tarts today in the mail.  The Cinnamon Bun is amazing.  I had to put
 a tart of the Cranberry relish in right away.  I love  it.   Thank You for the samples. I would never have chosen the Lavender Milk
Bath, but it smells amazing.  I can't wait to light it.  (That will  teach me to try new things.....)  Have a great night !  Talk to ya later.....
Cheryl ~ Shickshinney ~ PA  7/07


"I've had Root, Yankee and Bean Pod , but your candles are by far
 my favorite!
 Thanks for a great product with ingredients that burn long and

 Mary - Mechanicsburg, PA- 2007


Hi Karen,

Really love your scents.  Especially love your tarts and use several each
 day all over my house.
 I do subscribe to your newsletter and am glad you run periodic specials.
 Thanks for keeping in touch.  Hope to do lots of business with you.

 Beth - Middletown, PA 2-20-07


Hi Karen,

A friend of yours, Tracy , gave me one of your candles as a gift
last week. She gave me the Crème Brule candle-very yummy. That single candle has enough fragrance to scent my entire apartment!  

I love it!

Jen - Hershey, Pa  12-26-06


Hi Karen........

I received your order yesterday.   Thank you so much for your prompt service.  And the candles.........I love em!
  I have the spiced cranberry burning, as I type this.... 
I am so glad I found can be sure I will re-order.
Thanks again,
Stella - Florida  12/06
P.S.....thanks too for the "extras"


Dear Karen,
I've only got one thing to say about your service..."WOW"! Girl you are on the ball. The warmers are every bit as nice as I expected and the extra goodies an unexpected, but pleasant suprise. Thanks for the great service.I will be back!
Thanks Again,

Kelli  from  Kentucky  11-24-06



I absolutely LOVE them!!! I bought 6 so far!! When I run out,
 can I call you to replenish them?
I LOVE the granny's pie crust-----

Leslie - Steelton, Pa  10/06


 I've just discovered these soy candles on a recent visit to Hershey. I like how they  burn cleaner than the wax candles. You also have the largest selection of scents I have ever seen. I'll pass the word on about you guys.

 Jesse , MD 7/3/06


Karen!!  I LOVE YOU!!  (o.k. maybe that was over the

I got your  package and it  was  left on my front porch!  Nothing Melted!!  It's only like a million degrees outside!
I love your packaging!!  Everything looks great!  Of course we had to smell everything  I don't know what I want to burn first!!  The "Snot-Shot is going to come in real handy, as we have colds and feel rotten. 
 But one sniff of "Snot-Shot" and I could breathe!!  That's cold throw!! 
It smells just like the Vick's Rub my mom used to put on our chests when we were kids!  I can't believe how great this one is!!  And I just love the NAME!!  LOL
I love all the fragrances too!! 
You have some wonderful products!! 
Thank YOU so much!!  I really do love all these items
Can't wait to try your melts!! 
Stephanie in Texas  5/11/06
Thank you for my recent order. Everyone loves the Monkey Fart. 

 Thank you again

Lorrie  4/20/06



 I bought 2 of the honeysuckle candles at crossroads in Hershey
last year and I have to say that I don't think I have found a candle that I
like as much as that one.  I am usually a Yankee Candle junkie, but came
across yours while at my sisters wedding reception at Crossroads last year
and I bought one. LOVED IT.
I will be ordering more in the future...for sure :)

Heidi                3/4/06


Hey Karen!

Thanks for the great smelling candles!    

            FYI.Denny grabbed the "Naked Butt" candle, I took the "Basil
 Sage & Mint" and John Paul got the "Peony".    It was kind of you to
think of us.  Best of luck in the "candlemaking" future.  And thanks for
making us a part of your morning!  We appreciate that too.
Sue Campbell
WINK Wake-Up Show~~~~~ (The Wink 104 Radio Station)


Hi Karen,

Just wanted to let you know that I love the candles I bought last night.  I
burned the Italian biscotti and Granny's pie crust.  My daughter came home from
work and said "i love the smell in here!"  I was very impressed with your stuff!  Have a good weekend.



Hi Karen,
I wanted to let you know how well the Apple Cider candles worked out at my
parent's 50th anniversary party.  Everyone loved them and commented about
how good they smelled.  They didn't compete with the food smells but you
were right, they complimented them.  Thank you so much for helping me out,
and it was great talking to you on the phone.  I look forward to coming to
your shop someday and really smelling all of the wonderful scents.
Thanks for the samples and for the jar of Basil, Sage and Mint.  I love it!
But you were right it wouldn't have been good with all the food smells.
Thanks again and have a great day!


Hi Karen,
I just purchased 2 of your candles from Crossroads this morning, and I love  
them.  The fragrance is nice and strong which is good for large, open areas  
such as mine.    Thanks.



My dad was at the Hummelstown  craft fair
and had bought me one of your candles. (Naked Butt, he has a great  sense of
humor but what a great candle, just will have to wait till next summer  to
burn, I like scents that go with the season) Just wanted to let you know that  I
actually was going for hot choclate, but found 2 candles, that when burned  
together, are just Wonderful! Hot Apple Pie and Granny's Pie Crust. I love it!!  
(Hot Chocolate was great too, but I just had to try these!) I just wanted to
let  you know that you have great candles and you have found a loyal customer.
I will  spread the word and purchase them for presents, etc. Keep up the
great  work!!
Thanks again,
Jackie S


It was truly a pleasure working with you.  Thank you for all your help.  You really made things easy for me.  

You will be happy to know that my husband and I are getting some really positive comments about your candles - they smell wonderful and last a long time.  You have a great product!

I look forward to working with you again!

Hey, continue with your fundraiser program!
Mary Ann


Hello Karen:

        FYI - I purchased one of your candles & I just had to let you know that it is
the most wonderful candle I have ever had.  The fragrance is simply amazing!
Granny's Pie Crust is sinfully yummy!  Also, the candle burns beautifully.
(i.e. clean, no black residue or soot).  I will definitely be back for more
and have recommended them to my friends.  They make fabulous gifts as well.

        I currently have the one I purchased at my desk at work.  My entire
office absolutely loves it... including the boss, who graciously lets us
burn our candles at work.  So, I just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful
candles and  I'm looking forward to purchasing more.  Keep the wonderful
fragrances coming!!!!




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