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Home Rentals in The Villages®, Florida

I would like to introduce you to a  new business I  started with  Ryan Malone, my business partner at Rent From A Villager, LLC.

(And,yes,  I will still be making candles too, so no worries.  :) )

If you would like to visit the Villages, our new website can help you find a rental home!


The story of how we got started:

On our first few visits to The Villages®, my husband Peter and I rented directly from homeowners referred to us by friends. We enjoyed getting to know the rental owners and they made us feel very welcomed in their home. Since we booked directly with the homeowner, we didn't have to pay commissions, service, booking, or convenience fees that property management companies charge.

After purchasing our new home in the Villages®, we wanted to rent out our home seasonally. We wanted the renters to have the same personalized renting experience we had. However, we were unable find a rental by owner website in The Villages® that fit all our advertising needs.

I decided to put my business and marketing skills, along with my tenant and landlord experience to good use. I reached out to my friend Ryan, who is a software engineer, and together Ryan and I collaborated and created, Rent from a Villager™, a user friendly and efficient regional rental advertising site.

         If you have never heard of The Villages®, watch the video below. It is an AMAZING place to visit and/or live.



A Great YouTube Video about the Villages:

Ken Pozek Says   

"Whether you're thinking of moving to The Villages or you're just curious what it's all about, there's something VERY interesting about this town.

The Villages is the largest active adult community in the world."









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