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Scent List


Aloha - The perfect blend of coconut and lime makes it Island time!  Put the lime in the coconut and drink it all up!

Amish Bread -   Fresh, warm, buttery hot bread straight from the oven. 

Apples, Peaches & Spice - Apples and Peaches warmed in the oven and sprinkled with mulled spices.  

Baby Powder- The clean fresh scent of baby powder. 

Banana Nut Bread ~ Fresh Mouth Watering Banana Nut Bread straight out of the oven.

Basil, Sage & Mint - The clean fresh aroma of fresh basil and Sage with a hint of mint.

Blueberry Muffin Warm blueberry muffins with loaded with butter.

BUG OFF!  -  Citronella is a natural insect repellent.  Our citronella candles will help keep those pesky bugs and mosquito's away and smells good too!

Bunny Poop - The aroma of Creamy Milk Chocolate. This is a great gift for  Easter . Each 16oz candle comes with a special Bunny Poop Poem. Click here to view poem. (Seasonal  - It is the same aroma as our Hot Chocolate scent. )

Candied Chestnuts -A delicious blend of rich, buttery vanilla cream, drizzled with caramelized brown sugar, then topped off with fire roasted chestnuts! A year round favorite! 

Candle ShopVanilla swirled with nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, allspice, and kissed with hints of pie crust sugar.

Cherry Almond - A classic and loved mixture of cherries and almond. 

Cinnamon Buns -  Big buns dripping with rich icing and filled with layers of sweet cinnamon!

Clove - Freshly ground clove buds. Strong and delightful.

Country Campfire -   The Realistic smell of a burning Campfire.   Great scent if you have a propane fireplace.

Craig's Sugar Cookie -    Mouth-watering deliciousness!    

Enchanted Nights -  Has a new name which is OH MAN!  Same great aroma just a brand new name! 

Fresh Cut Grass -  The name says it all!

Grandma's Cookies / Mrs Claus's Crib TM -  This scent is so mouthwatering delicious that it has two names. Enjoy the aroma of warm gingerbread cookies and spiced cakes topped with hints of sugared Cinnamon then drizzled with icing. Everything you would expect Mrs Claus and Grandma to be baking in their Crib! (Crib aka House)

Gooey Caramel - The AMAZING warm, creamy, rich, gooey smell of caramel!  This is a strong and delicious aroma - A must try!

Hazelnut Coffee -   The perfect blend of vanilla hazelnut and coffee. 

Holiday Spirit -   A blend of sweet berries and holiday greens. This wonderful aroma will put you into the Holiday Spirit.  This is truly "Christmas in a Candle".. 

Honeysuckle -  Imagine a garden full of Honeysuckle and Hummingbirds on a spring morning.

Hot Chocolate - Shaved milk chocolate melted into warm milk topped and with whipped cream!  (This is also our Bunny Poop and Reindeer Poop Aroma. )

Hot Tamale - A very unique and spicy aroma!  Red Hot Chili peppers blended with fresh spices,orange peel, and subtle notes of fresh cornbread make this a delicious Hot Tamale Pie.

Hydrangea - The beautiful aroma of a forest of fresh hydrangeas's. 

Island Nectar - An amazing blend of mouthwatering tropical fruits and berries with the softest hints of island flowers!  Island Paradise in a candle!

Lavender - A true lavender scent. Very relaxing.

Lavender Milk Bath -   Creamy coconut milk blended with Lavender.  Relax and enjoy!

Let's Cuddle-    A clean cotton scent of freshly laundered linens and comforters that makes ya want to cuddle up for the night.

Lilac - The aroma of fresh lilac on a spring day. 

Love Shack -  A beautiful duplication to Victoria Secrets Love Spell. A lavishly lush combination of peach, cherry blossom and white jasmine. And fresh tropical fruits mixed with coconut and vanilla!!!

Mango Madness -  Juicy Mango's, sweet berries and coconut.  A delightful aroma!

Mrs Claus's Crib TM/Grandma's Cookies - This scent is so mouthwatering delicious that it has two names.  Enjoy the aroma of  warm gingerbread cookies and spiced cakes topped with hints of sugared Cinnamon then drizzled with icing. Everything you would expect Mrs Claus and Grandma to be baking in their Crib! (Crib aka House) .

Monkey Fart -   Fresh ripe bananas, juicy Pineapple, kiwi, strawberry, a hint of bubblegum.   It is everything a Monkey would eat on a good day!  People of all ages love this scent!  

Nag Champa - This beautiful strong aroma is traditionally used in meditation. It's the Champa Flower blended with Sandalwood and includes touches of powder, amber, musk and vanilla.  A very relaxing, beautiful, soft, yet strong aroma.

Noel -  A magical blend of fresh cut Christmas trees and holiday greens infused with subtle hints of sweet apples.   A wonderful Holiday Scent!

OH MAN! -  An intoxicating, romantic and masculine blend similar to Drakkar Noir. This inspiring aroma appeals to both men and women.   (Formally called Enchanted Nights)

Orange Sunrise -  An uplifting blend of fresh cut orange slices with hints of lemon - lime other tropical fruits with a pinch of spice.

Patchouli - Let this nostalgic aroma take you back to the 60's and 70's. A true patchouli, no perfume notes.

Pumpkin Pie -  Fresh pumpkin pie topped with sweet spices then loaded with whipped cream!!

Reindeer Poop -  The aroma of Creamy Milk Chocolate.  This is a great gift for the holidays .  Each Large 16oz candle comes with a special Reindeer Poop Poem. Click here to view poem.  (Seasonal  - It is the same aroma as our Hot Chocolate scent. )

Rosemary -  An uplifting and energizing herbal aroma.  Rosemary is often used in aromatherapy to increase concentration and stimulate memory.  A wonderful and fragrant scent for your kitchen!

Sinus Soother -Refreshing and Clean! Smells like you just opened up a jar of Vick's Vapor Rub! Works best in a small to medium sized enclosed room.

Snot Shot™ - Refreshing and Clean! Smells like you just opened up a jar of Vick's Vapor Rub! Works best in a small to medium sized enclosed room.

Sleigh Ride - The smell of fresh cut Christmas trees mingled with cinnamon sticks, spices, hints of clove, and touch of sweet oranges.  A wonderful Holiday scent!!

Spiced Cranberry - A Holiday Favorite - A crisp tart cranberry aroma mingled with holiday spices!!

Smodor Eliminator™ - Smoke and Odor Eliminator - An Invigorating sweet-n-spicy fragrance  which helps eliminate and neutralize odors. This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils including Orange and Cinnamon.  Testers are raving about how well it works!    

Tropical Beaches -  Ocean breezes with hints of coconut.

Vanilla - A very creamy and smooth vanilla.

Victorian Spice -  Warm and Cozy Red Hot Cinnamon and spice ~  Similar to Yankee's Home Sweet Home scent.  

Violas & Lime - The beautiful aroma of violas with top notes of fresh lime.




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